Team 29: The vote on the amendments (how we got through it)

4 July 2020

Hi! This is Elya Pakhomova, head of the media department and spokesperson at Team 29.

This week was marked by the vote on the constitutional amendments. Everyone got through it as best they could, more or less emotionally and with more or less intensity.  Someone, like the head of Team 29, the lawyer Ivan Pavlov, was restrained and concise.  Others went out to fight and received physical injuries – Mediazone journalist David Frenkel’s arm was broken at the polling station.

In total, according to Deputy Interior Minister Aleksandr Gorovoy, 839 reports of voting violations had been registered by the evening of 1 July.

Activists who made the number 2036 on the paving in Red Square with their bodies were detained on the day of the voting. One of the protesters, Lusya Stein, said in an interview with the BBC that the activists were inspired by Anatoly Osmolovsky’s performance. We talked about Anatoly Osmolovsky’s protest on 18 April 1991, which actually started the contemporary art scene in the new Russia, in the second episode of our podcast Russia Is Closing, which you can listen to on any convenient platform: AppleCastboxЯндекс.МузыкеSimplecast and YouTube.

Team 29 this day on social networks proposed remembering a funny video dedicated to the analysis of the proposed (and now accepted) amendments. After all, as you know, it is laughter that is considered the best weapon against evil. 🙂

Important! We’re looking for a crowdfunding specialist. Sine the trend of attacking science is gaining momentum, Team 29 has a lot of important and essential things to do. Therefore, we would be glad for someone who shares our values and is able to realize ambitious tasks to join us. Please send your resume for the vacancy to us at, marked “Crowdfunding Specialist”.

Take care of yourself


Translated by Simon Cosgrove

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