Write to Russia: Aleksei Arbuzenko

Aleksei Arbuzenko is a teacher, psychologist, poet and musician from Togliatti. On 12 May 2023, a court in Togliatti convicted and sentenced Aleksei Arbuzenko to six years in a penal colony for vandalism (Article 214, Part 2, of the Russian Criminal Code), repeated ‘discrediting’ of the army (Article 280.3, Part 2, of the Russian Criminal Code) and involving a minor in criminal activity (Article 150, Part 4, of the Russian Criminal Code). According to the Investigative Committee, in June-July 2022, together with his 15-year-old son and ‘motivated by hooliganism,’ Arbuzenko threw paint and wrote ‘insulting graffiti’ on three banners bearing photos of Russian soldiers who had taken part in the invasion of Ukraine. Arbuzenko was also charged with writing graffiti against Vladimir Putin on public trash cans. Memorial has designated Aleksei Arbuzenko a political prisoner on grounds of freedom of expression and fair trial.

In a statement, Memorial has said that Article 280.3 of the Russian Criminal Code on repeated ‘discrediting’ of the army is unlawful and should be repealed. The organisation said Article 280.3 was ‘specifically created for purposes of political repression against critics of the authorities.’ Memorial also said that the offence of vandalism has also been turned into an instrument for persecution of the authorities’s critics and opponents of the war.

Write to Aleksei Arbuzenko

To write to Aleksei Arbuzenko to express your support for him, please send your letter as an email to us at: letters-to-prisoners@protonmail.com. We shall translate the letter into Russian for you and either, depending on your request, mail the translated letter on your behalf to Aleksei or return the letter to you for posting in an envelope with an address written in Russian. If we send the letter on your behalf, we ask that you compensate us for the cost of postage from the UK (currently £2.20 – $2.73; €2.52). To learn more about our letter writing project, click here: Write to Russia.

Aleksei Arbuzenko is serving his sentence in Penal Colony No. 10 in Samara region. The address for writing letters to him is:

446394, Самарская область, Красноярский район, пгт Волжский, ул. Заводская, д. 46, ФКУ ИК-10 УФСИН России по Самарской области, Арбузенко Алексею Валерьевичу, 1976 г. р.

For more information about the case of Aleksei Arbuzenko in Russian, visit the website of 63.ru and of the project Political Prisoners. Memorial. The case has also been reported on in English by The Moscow Times and RFE/RL.

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