Witnesses Against War #9: Putin’s ledger: 100 days of death

4 June 2022

Source: Witnesses Against War

Witnesses Against War is an anonymous international group of journalists, writers, historians and translators, who live in Moscow and London. For reasons of security, their project is anonymous. In addition to the above websiste, you can also find them on Instagram / Инстаграм  and Telegram / Телеграм.

A full-scale criminal war has been going on for more than 100 days. The Russian regime has no regard for either Ukrainian victims from amongst the civilian population, or its own military personnel, who are literally driven to the slaughter like cannon fodder, or “expendable human material”. For 100 days, the Putin regime and its military leaders have been implementing the tactics of “total war” and “scorched earth” in Eastern Ukraine — massive, often indiscriminate, carpet shelling and bombing of villages, towns and cities. All this is accompanied by endless terrorising by the invaders of the remaining civilian population in the occupied territories. Such behaviour and tactics were typical of German Nazis during World War II on the Eastern Front.

We believe that Putin’s Russia is a criminal state that has unleashed, and is waging, a war of aggression. We unconditionally condemn with all our hearts and minds this criminal move by the criminal regime.

If you would like to share how you have responded to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the war crimes and looting committed there during the war, please email us at WitnessesAW@protonmail.com

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