Witnesses Against War #13: Only the best for the children

16 June 2022

Source: Witnesses Against War

Witnesses Against War is an anonymous international group of journalists, writers, historians and translators, who live in Moscow and London. For reasons of security, their project is anonymous. In addition to the above websiste, you can also find them on Instagram / Инстаграм  and Telegram / Телеграм.

Illustration Yuri Pogorelov (on the rocket it says in Russian ‘for the children’)

Only the best for the children

The Russian Federation calls its actions on the territory of Ukraine a “Special Military Operation to protect the population of Donbas”, and claims that strikes are carried out exclusively on Ukrainian military facilities. However, the feeds of international news agencies and social networks are full of evidence of the destruction of residential areas and civilian facilities – schools, hospitals, kindergartens. According to the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, from February 24 to May 8, 3,381 civilians, including 235 children, have died in Ukraine. Noone knows how many children have actually been killed during the more than 100 days of war, but most likely these terrible numbers are an order of magnitude higher than the official UN estimates. Every day Ukraine’s children die from Russian bombs, shells and rockets, and as a result of war crimes committed by individuals from amongst the Russian military.

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