Weekly Update week-ending 6 March 2020

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Listen to our latest podcast [in Russian]; our guests this week are Tatyana and Nikolai Shchur, human rights defenders from Snezhinsk in Chelyabinsk region: Simon & Sergei: Human rights in Russia week-ending 6 March 2020 with Tatyana and Nikolai Shchur
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‘Failure to recognise the right to participate in rallies can be considered a sign of repression.’
– Lev Ponomarev on the Russian government’s violation of the right of assembly. Translated by James Lofthouse.

‘Assassins sent from Chechnya have been responsible for numerous killings and assassinations committed in Moscow and other regions of Russia; in Turkey and Ukraine; and in countries of Western and Central Europe.’– Aleksandr Cherkasov on the recent attack on Tumso Abdurakhmanov, a well-known Chechen blogger. Translated by Nina dePalma 

‘This led people to think that if they got Nemtsov out of the way, the political elites would be pleased with them. As we know, the masterminds and organisers of this crime have still not been identified.’– Valery Borshchev on the murder of Boris Nemtsov. Translated by Joanne Reynolds.

‘The story of the conviction of Konstantin Kotov, whose crime is that he went to a city square and protested against unfair arrests and trials, is an absolutely absurd story.’ – Zoya Svetova attended a read-through of a play about Konstantin Kotov performed by Teatr.doc. Translated by Alice Lee.  

‘The courts have ordered a review of the case against the activist [Konstantin Kotov]. […] Kotov’s defence consider him to be a political prisoner and are demanding his immediate release. […] The Anti-Corruption Foundation, founded by Aleksei Navalny, has been fined 500,000 roubles under the foreign agent law.’ – Just two of the items reported in OVD-Info’s Weekly Bulletin. Translated by Judith Fagelson  

‘[Konstantin] Kotov’s detention on remand was extended by a further two months, and the case was sent for a new hearing. Our lawyer Evgeny Smirnov, who is a member of Kotov’s defence team, believes this to be a good sign.’– Team 29 consider developments in the case of Konstantin Kotov. Translated by Lindsay Munford.

‘Memorial Human Rights Centre believes the prosecution of three Muslims from the cities of Kazan and Ufa – Zafar Yakubov, Danil Bagautdinov and Almaz Usmanov – has been politically motivated and is based on the individuals’ non-violent exercise of the rights of freedom of conscience and association.’  
– Memorial Human Rights Centre has declared  Zafar Yakubov, Danil Bagautdinov and Almaz Usmanov political prisoners.

‘Bagaudin Khautiev has been charged with organising violence against public officials and participating in an extremist group. We believe Khautiev tried to prevent clashes between demonstrators and riot police and that no extremist group existed.’
– Memorial Human Rights Centre has declared Bagaudin Khautiev a political prisoner.

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