Tatyana Voltskaya: Speak the truth in spite of the risks

28 April 2020

Source: Facebook

Well, here I am, reporting.  An investigator for especially important cases visited our little hut.  He liked it in the village.  The investigator assured me that he was interested in hospital violations, but his questions revealed rather more his interest in me and our editors. Thanks go to the lawyer Leonid Krikun, who shared with me the joy of socializing with the investigator. Without him, it would have been difficult for me. Most important — I refused to voluntarily turn over the recording with the doctor.  Only when demanded by the court.  What comes next, including whether there will be a search, I don’t know yet. As they say, anything is possible.

Huge thanks to everyone who responded, supported, helped, smiled, and waved — it is unbelievably important.  Including for continuing to speak the truth in spite of the risks. Because the risks for society being left without truthful information are much more serious. 

We, of course, understand that the case is not only about me — a campaign is being rolled out to shut the mouths of journalists. In particular Liudmila Savitskaya from Pskov is in the same situation and Sveta Prokopyeva is in a far worse one.

One special request — in your comments please be polite when referring to the investigator for especially important cases — so that the especially important case does not become even more important)))

Translated by John Tokolish

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