Tatyana Voltskaya: They have me in their sights

25 April 2020

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They have me in their sights.  They are preparing to bring a criminal case under the new Article 207.1 about fake news because of my interview “They are forcing people to be disconnected. An intensive care doctor about hellish work conditions.” My anonymous interviewee told how, in the large city hospitals, even without a pandemic there is a catastrophic shortage of intensive care doctors, so that they often physically don’t make it in time to help all the patients, and that in such cases everything is hidden by  the “deft” management of  medical documentation.  Three guesses, who the senior investigator of the first investigation department for especially important cases, captain of justice V. Beliakov, ran to question—the head doctors to find out about their staffing and ventilators, or the journalist who accurately reported the words of her interviewee?

Correct — the journalist.

Because they have a campaign now — to shut all mouths that still speak the truth. 

Now it is possible there will be searches with the seizure of all digital equipment in the house, which is especially pleasant for Serafim, who is finishing up 11th grade. Well, and, of course, interrogations, trials, and all that. 

Just in case—perhaps someone might have a doubt—I do not regret anything.  A journalist who hears “Fire! Fire!” is obligated, first of all, to pass on that cry. And if we do not give voice to those people who, overcoming their fear, try to tell us the truth as they see it and understand it, then we will totally suffocate from smoke and filth.

This post is not an appeal for anything.  I am writing just so you know.

Translated by John Tokolish

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