Boris Vishnevsky: But the ‘foreign agent’ is all the same Lev Ponomarev.

28 December 2020

By Boris Vishnevsky, deputy of the St. Petersburg city assembly, laureate of the Moscow Helsinki Group prize

Source: Moscow Helsinki Group [original source: Эхо Москвы]

The ex-wife of Arkady Rotenberg, an oligarch closely linked to Putin, lives in the United Kingdom with their two children.

His daughter owns a private medical clinic in Berlin.

His son plays hockey for an American club.

His brother and two nephews are citizens of Finland.

If you look more closely at other officials, deputies and oligarchs close to Putin you see in huge numbers children, wives, brothers and sisters, palaces, villas and apartments far beyond the borders of our homeland.

Almost everything they own that’s worth anything is to be found in the West that they so mercilessly criticise.

But the ‘foreign agent’ is all the same Lev Ponomarev.

Translated by Simon Cosgrove

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