Team 29: 👀Spymania as an illness

‌1 August 2020

Hi, I’m Elya, head of media and spokesperson at Team 29.

We have important news: together with relatives and friends of Ivan Safronov we are launching a crowdfunding campaign on Planet to support him. His trial promises to be a long one, and the fight for justice is not easy, so we need your assistance. You can help by contributing a symbolic amount of 100 roubles – or you can donate any other sum.

A lot of Ivan’s journalist colleagues – including Leonid Parfenov, Yury Dud and Andrei Loshak – and well known artists and figures from the world of culture – Yury Shevchuk, Andrei Makarevich, Aleksandr Arkhangelsky, Pavel Lungin and many others – have already spoken out in Ivan’s defence.

Now, as part of the campaign to raise funds in support of Ivan, you can buy Andrei Makarevich’s books with his autograph, a hoodie from Noize MC, and a selection of Team 29’s own branded merchandise, as well as a merchandise with the motto “Freedom to Ivan Safronov”. For example, a stylish and affordable version of our T-shirt, which is most often chosen by well known individuals who advocate justice in this case.

Also this week in Team 29’s new video, “Spymania as an illness,” the cartoonist, humourist and psychiatrist Andrei Bilzho tells the story of employees from the “organisation with three letters” who ended up in a mental hospital with hearing hallucinations and persecution mania. As a work therapy, they are recommended every day to rewrite by hand the works of scientists and notes of journalists who have been condemned as spies.

We have also released a new podcast as part of the series “On Treason,” which tells the stories of the defendants for whom Team 29’s lawyers have acted who have been charged under Article 275 of the Criminal Code. This issue is dedicated to the history of Valery Mitko, 79-year-old professor, president of the Arctic Academy of Sciences, and captain of the first rank, retired. You can listen to it on: Apple PodcastsЯндекс.МузыкаGoogle PodcastsCastboxВконтактеSimplecast.

Fight for justice and take care of yourselves,


Translated by Simon Cosgrove

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