Lev Shlosberg: We shall be judged by what we did during the days of the Catastrophe.

1 March 2022

by Lev Shlosberg, a Russian politician, human rights activist, journalist, chair of the Pskov region branch of the Yabloko party and a member of the party’s federal political committee

Source: Telegram

The Russian General Prosecutor’s Office and Roskomnadzor [Federal Supervision Agency for Information Technologies and Communications] have blocked the Dozhd and Ekho Moskvy websites.

Because they are talking about the war, writing about the war, and showing the war. They are showing the world and the country the truth.

Whereas Putin needs them to write, talk, and show a lie: that there is no war. This is Putin’s personal censorship.

In Putin’s Russia there cannot be freedom of speech, freedom of mass information, freedom of assembly, freedom of conviction, freedom of public politics or any human rights and freedoms. 

Поэтому уничтожаются последние независимые СМИ. Осталась «Новая газета», которую на какие-то дни может защитить статус Дмитрия Муратова как лауреата Нобелевской премии мира.

Putin has lost his war against Ukraine. Putin has lost his war with the whole world. Putin has lost everything. The sacrifices and devastation will never be forgiven. The truth of this is unbearable for him. He is enraged and very dangerous.

This is why the last independent media are being destroyed. Novaya Gazeta remains, defended for a few days by Dmitry Muratov’s status as winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Putin’s Russia is entering its terminal stage, when everything alive in our country, everything that resists Putin, is going to be destroyed.

For now we can write about this, we can talk about this, we can show this, we can and need to do this.

Watch the Dozhd livestream on YouTube.

Watch the Ekho Moskvy livestream on YouTube.

Free speech continues to be heard, although this is getting to be like reporting with a noose around your neck. 

We shall be judged by what we did during the days of the Catastrophe.

Translated by Marian Schwartz

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