Quote for the Week. The last text message that the shelter received from one of the women said: “They found us, the police are at the shelter.”

Week-ending 22 October 2021

From the website of Good Deeds

On 18 October 2021 Russian police detained two women at a women’s shelter, ‘Mamin Dom’ run by the organisation ‘Good Deeds‘ [Благие дела] in Kazan. The women had had sought to flee their families in Dagestan. The officers who did not identify themselves. The women were then forcibly returned to their homes in the North Caucasus. The last text one of the women sent before she was taken away read, ‘They found us, the police are at the shelter,’ The Moscow Times reported.


RFE/RL, 19 October 2021: Several men in police uniforms have forcibly entered a shelter in Russia’s Republic of Tatarstan, taking away two young women from the North Caucasus region of Daghestan.

The Moscow Times, 19 October 2021: Russian police detained and returned two women Monday who attempted to flee their families in Dagestan, a women’s rights activist told The Moscow Times. Authorities in the central city of Kazan detained two 20-year-old women from a women’s shelter in the city without explanation, the shelter’s program manager Alsu Krivel told The Moscow Times. 

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