Aleksandr Podrabinek: Zombies, vampires and lies are the engine of war

3 March 2022

by Aleksandr Podrabinek

Source: Vot-Tak.TV

Today, the Russian Ministry of Education has directed that a lesson be given in all of Russia’s schools devoted to the Russian army’s ‘liberation mission’ in Ukraine. Even before this, the most loyal teachers had begun to hold political information sessions. They have been explaining to the children that the Ukrainian Nazis are even worse than fascists. After all, everyone has long known that there is nothing in the world worse than fascists. And here you have it: the Ukrainians have turned out to be even worse!

It’s not known for certain what kind of impression this educational idiocy is making on children. It probably is inspiring the stupid ones and making the smart ones laugh. It all began when ‘president’ Putin publicly demanded the demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine. The demilitarization part isn’t hard to understand. It’s not nice to have a neighbor right by your side who is always ready to strike back should anything happen. It’s nice when your neighbor is weak and defenceless.

But with denazification VVP contrived something absurd. What Nazis in Ukraine? Maybe he was guided by the famous teaching: ‘The more outrageous the lie, the more willingly the crowd believes it.’ In Russia, you can probably find a certain percentage of the population that will believe this outrageous lie. That percentage is the buttress of the regime.


One might state publicly with equal success (best of all at a security conference in Munich!) that zombies and vampires have reared their heads in Ukraine and werewolves have taken over the state. The ‘buttress of the regime’ believes everything, any foolishness, and would be happy to justify the cruelest measures against their neighbours. Because there are werewolves and vampires there!

In order to lend a certain verisimilitude to Putin’s fiction, professional liars with journalistic covers cite Bandera as an example. Naturally, while glossing over the fact that it was the Nazis who put Stepan Bandera in the Sachsenhausen concentration camp.

As we know, propaganda targets the emotions, not reason. NATO has also been declared Russia’s enemy without any explanation of the reasons. Russians just have to believe this and be afraid. One might say with equal success that the North Atlantic alliance is a monster risen up from hell whose sole mission is to crush fluffy white Russia.


This state of affairs will also please the insecure fools who hate the surrounding world because they themselves are losers doomed to vegetate. Once you’ve convinced yourself a monster exists, you can calmly destroy everything around you for the sake of a noble victory.

Putin’s importunate idea that NATO is moving eastward and approaching Russia’s borders adds acuteness and a sense of danger. The lion is preparing to leap, death is hiding around the corner, the enemy is at the gates, and the fatherland is in danger — the standard array of scare tactics that invariably lead to paranoia in the spooked ordinary citizen.

But if this ordinary citizen had retained their ability to think, they would have thought that for the last 18 years NATO members Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia have been bordering us to the west and no threat has ever emanated from them. If they had recalled a little of their geography, they would have realized that the United States, another NATO member, borders us on the east and there has never been anything terrible in this for Russia.

We are living in a land of insanity triumphant. That insanity is being generated by the regime and is spreading through the country, enveloping people of weak intellect and dormant conscience. Understandably, the easiest prey for Kremlin propagandists is children. That’s who they’re after.

Translated by Marian Schwartz

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