Aleksandr Podrabinek: And now the witches are hunting us

28 April 2024

On the second episode of ‘Traitors’ by Maria Pevchikh and Team Navalny

Source: Facebook

Alas, the second episode is hardly any different from the first. Pevchikh is quite convincing when exposing the myriad crooks close to the Kremlin, like Koch. There’s nothing new in these denunciations, of course, but it never hurts to repeat them, especially for the younger generation. But she loses her footing when the political arguments begin, demonstrating incessant self-righteousness and, regretfully, ignorance. So the privatization of government property is bad, and everything should have been left in the hands of the state? Yeltsin is bad (no one’s arguing with that) and Zyuganov is good? If Zyuganov had won that election, we would have had exactly what we have now back in 1996. Everything would have just reverted back to the socialist past the day after the election, with all the charms of a totalitarian regime. It takes a certain kind of amazing naivety to find hope for Russia’s democratic future in a moronic communist leader. Or maybe Maria Pevchikh would prefer state ownership and socialism?

The editing tricks don’t sit well, like the “heroes” remarks taken out of context and made to look like a response to the host’s snide remarks. It’s cheap, and the style is, unfortunately, familiar. The sources for the phone bugging aren’t mentioned, which could make anxious people suspicious. There are plenty of other distasteful propagandistic touches.

And yet the topic that Maria Pevchikh raises undoubtedly deserves attention. The moaning of those in the video about how we need to concentrate on the fight against Putin, and not dwell on the past, is nonsensical and counterproductive. If we don’t acknowledge the mistakes and crimes of the past, we’re doomed to repeat them in the future. This is a fundamental truth. What’s more, it’s confirmed by the history that has yet to be forgotten. This is the same argument brought forward in the late ’80s and early ’90s by those banking on Yeltsin: no need to dig up the past and start witch hunts, let’s instead rally behind Yeltsin, who will lead Russia to democracy. Yeah, they rallied behind all sorts of good-for-nothing communist turncoats and, courtesy of Yeltsin, ended up not with democracy, but dictatorship. And now the witches are hunting us. A thoroughly expected ending.

I’m struggling to draw a conclusion about the positives and negatives of the video.

Translated by Nina dePalma