Aleksandr Podrabinek: Aleksei Navalny gave his life for everyone

17 February 2024

by Aleksandr Podrabinek

Source: Facebook

I can’t shake the thought that Aleksei Navalny gave his life for everyone. Well, maybe not everyone, but the huge majority of our nation. For those who have been addled by the propaganda and are afraid to fall out of step “with everyone else.” For those who are crushed by fear and yield silently to the regime’s despotism. For those who understand the need to resist but can’t bring themselves to. For those, finally, of our comrades and brothers in the opposition who for a long time were happy to play political games and then, when they realized the games were over and the risk had become too great, took to their heels, saving their personal well-being abroad. 

Unfortunately, this is what always happens. The person who takes on a great responsibility and bears this burden despite the danger pays for it with his freedom, and sometimes with his life—for all those speechless, frightened people who have turned coward at the critical moment. And the greater this responsibility, the harder it is to bear. The more chances of taking a bullet on the street or poison in a glass of tea and the higher the risk of perishing in a torture chamber at the hands of state killers.

Translated by Marian Schwartz

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