Aleksandr Podrabinek: Our gangster regime pushed Navalny single-mindedly to the point of death

16 February 2024

by Aleksandr Podrabinek

Source: Facebook

There are no appropriate words. The death of a political prisoner is not only a heartache for his friends and family but also a tragedy for all of society, a reproach to all who have resigned themselves to tyranny. Aleksei Navalny’s death is a grave accusation against his murderers, against the system that has been working consistently and cold-bloodedly at killing him these last few years. He was an incredibly brave human being who not only fearlessly defended his political opinions but also knew how to look his torturers boldly and ironically in the face. This is very hard to do, especially behind bars. Death is always at hand there anyway, and our gangster regime pushed Navalny single-mindedly to the point of death. Ultimately, they got what they were after. Not only the system that killed him but every bastard who had a hand in it should have to pay for this. 

Undoubtedly, the killers will write off Aleksei Navalny’s death to a blood clot, a heart attack, an accident, an unfortunate set of circumstances, or something else accidental, but I know how things are in a prison and I know that those excuses are worthless. Standing behind these explanations is nothing but the urge to protect themselves and the fear of responsibility: moral today and legal tomorrow. God willing, responsibility will catch up with them during their lifetime.

Translated by Marian Schwartz

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