Podcast Simon & Sergei: Human rights in Russia week-ending 13 March 2020 with Natalya Taubina

This week Simon Cosgrove and Sergei Nikitin talk with Natalia Taubina, director of the Moscow-based Public Verdict Foundation (pictured left). Public Verdict is one of the leading human rights organisations in Russia. Its work focuses on abuses by public officials, not least torture and other violations by the police and prison authorities, including those at public events and demonstrations. For more information about Public Verdict, visit its website here. A summary of some of the week’s events in Russia relevant to human rights can be found on our website here. This podcast is in the Russian language.

You can listen to the podcast here. If this podcast does not play immediately on the podcast.com website, please download by clicking on the three dots to the right. You can also hear these podcasts on Spotify and iTunes.

Thank you Natalia! And all the best to our listeners, Simon & Sergei

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