Person of the Week. Dutch journalist Tom Vennink expelled from Russia

Week-ending 5 November 2021

Photograph: @tomvennink

On 1 November the Russian ministry of internal affairs revoked the residence permit and visa of Tom Vennink, a Dutch journalist working for de Volkskrant, a Dutch newspaper, for alleged ‘administrative violations,’ giving him three days to leave Russia and banning him from re-entering the country until January 2025. The Committee to Protect Journalists has called on the Russian authorities to reverse their decision to expel Tom Vennink.


The Guardian, 4 November 2021: Russia has expelled a Dutch reporter, his newspaper has said, as Moscow continues its crackdown on domestic and foreign journalists in the country. De Volkskrant journalist Tom Vennink said his visa was revoked and he was given three days to leave the country following difficulties renewing his journalist accreditation.

CPJ, 4 November 2021: The Committee to Protect Journalists called on Russian authorities today to reverse their decision to revoke Dutch journalist Tom Vennink’s visa and residence permit and allow him to continue his work in Russia.

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