Person of the Week: Boris Nemtsov

Week-ending 28 February 2020

‘The Magic Of A Free Person’: Boris Nemtsov Is Remembered In The City Where He Rose To Prominence 
Stanislav Dmitriyevsky, who was in the crowd that day as a 22-year-old democratic activist, remembers being struck by the contrast between Nemtsov — a young, witty academic with distinctive black curls and a mischievous smile — and the staid, stone-faced, middle-aged bureaucrats who ran the city administration. “He embodied this whole generation of young democrats who came to power, with all their flaws and delusions,” Dmitriyevsky, now an opposition activist in a very different Russia, told RFE/RL in an interview in the city, which regained its original name, Nizhny Novgorod, in 1990. “But for all his pluses and minuses, he was alive.” RFE/RL, 25 February 2020 

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