Ivan Pavlov on the case of Ivan Safronov

7 July 2020

Ivan Pavlov

Source: Facebook

Dear Journalists,

Now a wave of spying has reached your profession too. The charge of state treason against Ivan Safronov is the first time a charge under this article of the Criminal Code has been brought against a journalist for almost 20 years. Previously, journalist Grigory Pasko, whom I defended, was convicted of state treason in Russia in 2001. A lot will depend on how you react to this blow now, in particular, whether the accusations of state treason against journalists will turn into a trend in modern Russia, as has been the case with scientists. The fate not only of your colleague but also of the journalistic profession in Russia depends on your reaction now, as with the prosecution of Ivan Golunov. As for the lawyers, they know their job and will do it.

Translated by Simon Cosgrove

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