‘Don’t give up’: the Kremlin has killed Aleksei Navalny. Statement by the board of the Memorial Human Rights Defence Centre

17 February 2024

Source: Facebook

The Russian authorities – from officials of the Penitentiary Service who created the torturous conditions of detention, to the prosecutors and judges who fabricated endless criminal prosecutions, to the country’s leadership, headed by Vladimir Putin – are responsible for the murder of Aleksei Navalny.

We do not know the actual circumstances of Navalny’s death. Whatever they may have been, his death is no accident. It is a political assassination. Aleksei can no longer stand up for himself or for all of us. From now on, it is up to us. We – Russian civil society – will seek an effective and transparent investigation into the circumstances of Navalny’s death. Aleksei’s family has the right to know the truth. Russian society has the right to know the truth. The killers must be held accountable.

Navalny was not afraid, and neither should we be.

We mourn together with Aleksei Navalny’s family and loved ones, we express our condolences to all his colleagues, to all those who supported him.

We demand the immediate release of hundreds of political prisoners, whose lives are in mortal danger since they depend entirely on the arbitrariness of the regime. Political repression and murders did not save the regimes that ruled Russia in the past – they will not save them now.

Translated by Rights in Russia

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