Memorial Human Rights Defence Centre responds to Navalny: “Aleksei, thank you for your congratulations!”

13 October 2022

by Memorial Human Rights Defence Centre

Source: Twitter

Memorial has asked Aleksei Navalny’s team to pass on to him our response to his congratulations on our receipt of the Nobel Prize. We publish the text of our letter

Aleksei, thank you for your congratulations! We were delighted and flattered to read your kind words about Memorial.

When we first heard about the award of this prize, our immediate thoughts and words were about you and about Aleksei Gorinov, Dmitry Ivanov, Vladimir Kara-Murza, Aleksandra Skochilenko, Maria Ponomarenko, Ilya Yashin and all other political prisoners in Russia.

Those who merit the Peace Prize are first and foremost those imprisoned for their sincerely held opinions: for condemning the war and for fighting the evil that unleashed this war. But since the Nobel Committee has made its choice, we shall do our best to continue our mission in the future.

And that is to help political prisoners. To do everything possible so that there will be no political prisoners or political repressions in our country. So that Russia will never wage imperialist wars of expansion. We hope that together with you we shall be able to achieve this.

Aleksei, your courage and tenacity inspire great respect. From the bottom of our hearts we wish you good health, strength, and endurance. We are certain it will not be long before we can embrace you in freedom.

from all at Memorial

Translated by Simon Cosgrove

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