Statement by Oleg Orlov and Sergei Davidis on the missile strikes against Ukrainian power plants

On 11 September 2022, Russian missiles struck a number of large thermal power plants in various regions of Ukraine.

One of the Kremlin’s leading propagandists, Dmitry Kiselev, speaking on the state-run television channel Rossiya-1, called the strikes, which resulted in ‘electricity and water supplies being knocked out, communications cut and trains being stopped,’ a response to the Ukrainian armed forces’ counterattack.  ‘It looks like this is just the beginning…,’ he promised.

Responding to military defeat with deliberate strikes against key civilian infrastructure, without which life in cities and villages is impossible, is the logic of terrorists.

We are citizens of Russia. We are ashamed of the actions carried out in the name of our country.

Co-chairs of the Human Rights Defence Centre Memorial

Oleg Orlov

Sergei Davidis

Translated by Rights in Russia

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