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Marjorie Farquharson (1953-2016) was Amnesty International’s reseacher for 14 years from 1978 until 1992 and an accomplished Russia specialist. Among other things, in the course of her work as researcher she helped compile and publish the English version of the Chronicle of the Current Events in the 1980s. Marjorie was known to her friends as a very modest and spiritual person. Her work was like a ‘calling’ for her rather than simply a career in human rights. In 1991 Marjorie was given the job of setting up Amnesty International’s office in Moscow, a truly unique job in very challenging circumstances. It was a very complex and many-sided project in which Marjorie came to know and work with many people who were also committed to the ideals of Amnesty International. It was a job at which Marjorie excelled. After she left Amnesty International, Marjorie worked in a number of different human rights roles for the UN, the EU and the Council of Europe. She later became an independent consultant on human rights.

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