An open letter in support of the Belarusian people from Russian musicians

15 August 2020

Pictured: Andrei Makarevich, musician and winner of a Moscow Helsinki Group Award

Source: Moscow Helsinki Group [original source: Эхо Москвы]

“The statistics regarding the violence inflicted on the citizens of Belarus are shocking.”

An open letter from Russian musicians, poets and stage workers about the current political situation in the Republic of Belarus has been published by  The Village.  Andrei Makarevich, Boris Grebenshchikov (leader of the group Akvarium), Noize MC,  Oxxxymiron, Monetochka and others have signed this letter condemning police violence.  This  list remains open: if you would like to add your name, send an email to

Text of the letter:

“We wish to express our solidarity with the people of Belarus in their desire to achieve justice. We know that the presidential elections held in Belarus on 9th August were held with many violations as recorded by external observers, and the votes of the citizens of the Republic were stolen. Stolen voices and the inability to be heard are what we, the people who work on the stage, understand and we do particularly understand, perhaps more acutely  than others.

“We sincerely believe in the right of every Belarusian to free elections. We are appealing to everyone: to the law enforcement officers of Belarus, to journalists, and to the world community. Now Belarus needs all our common solidarity and support. It is immediately necessary to lift the information blockade which has been imposed on  the inhabitants of that country, it is necessary to honestly cover the situation and, of course, to show infinite  respect for  peaceful people’s demands for justice and the truth.

“We cannot but feel the hurt of the numerous testimonies and reports of violence committed against protestors. Some have already been killed. Hundreds have been beaten and thousands arrested. The figures for the violence inflicted against the citizens of Belarus are staggering. We condemn and strongly oppose violence by police against their own people and we grieve for the victims of these heinous acts.

“We invite all our colleagues who want to join us, to do so. Your signatures provide both the hope that the victims will be seen and that concealment of the crimes against them will be impossible.”

The list of signatories can be seen here

Translated by Graham Jones

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