Andrei Makarevich on a charity event in support of political prisoners: “There is no justice left at all. All you can do is help people who are in trouble.”

9 April 2021

Source: Moscow Helsinki Group [original source: Дождь]

In Moscow the “For Your Freedom and Ours” charity evening, an online event organised by the Sakharov Centre, is being held in support of political prisoners. It is starting today, 9th April, at 19:00. There are more political prisoners every year, especially after the January protests of this year, therefore supporting them is becoming increasingly important. 

Andrei Makarevich, lead singer of Time Machine and prize-winning laureate of the Moscow Helsinki Group, will take part in the event. 

The musician has discussed his attitude towards the current political situation in the country live on Dozhd TV.

“There is no justice left at all, it has been turned into a kind of bullying. All you can do is help people who are in trouble” comments Makarevich on his involvement in the charity evening.

Makarevich thinks that it is not worth drawing parallels between the current political situation and those of the past. The musician said that “In those times we had a serious deficit of information, there was no internet, you might have heard something from ‘enemy voices’ on the radio and that was it, or there was word of mouth, among other things, which could be lies. We knew nothing about those who had been jailed, where they were being held, or for how long. All these courts were closed and all was done clandestinely. But none of that, in my opinion, was done on the scale that is happening today”.

Translated by Ruairidh Irwin

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