Legal Case of the Week: Konstantin Kotov remains behind bars

Week-ending 6 March 2020

Judge Vacates Activist’s Sentence, But Keeps Him Behind Bars

Konstantin Kotov is a 35-year old software engineer who in September 2019 was sentenced to four years in prison for involvement in peaceful protests because he repeatedly flouted Russia’s abusive public assembly law. Kotov’s case has been wending its way through the appeals process, including the Constitutional Court and the Supreme Court.  The good news is that at a cassation hearing today the judge vacated the appeals court ruling, which had upheld Kotov’s outrageous sentence. The bad news is that instead of freeing Kotov, who was connected to the court through videoconference from a prison colony in Vladimir region, the judge sent the case back to the appeals court, and remanded Kotov for two months of custody. Human Rights Watch [Rachel Denber], 2 March 2020

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