Law of the Week. Ministry of Justice announces it is drafting a bill on probation in Russia

Week-ending 22 January 2021

This week the Ministry of Justice announced it is drafting a bill on the regulation of probation in Russia. The Ministry is also developing a strategic document on the development of the penal system in Russia that should be completed by the end of June 2021.


RAPSI: The Justice Ministry is drafting a bill on the system of probation in Russia. The draft law is to set up single principles of supervision over persons under suspended prison sentence and convicts serving various non-custodial sentences and those released on parole, the Ministry’s press service reports. According to the Ministry, it is also expected that in the first half of 2021, the Penal system development concept for the next 10 years will be approved in Russia. The main goals of the concept are humanization of criminal policy, ensurance of rights and freedoms of convicts, improvement of cooperation with civic institutions and social adaptation of convicts.

In other news:

RAPSI: Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has introduced a bill envisaging that state officials appointed by the Head of the State could stay on their posts without age limits into the State Duma. According to an explanatory note to the document, the measure is to be applied only in exceptional cases. At present, civil servants are to be dismissed on reaching the age of 65, and senior civil servants – of 70.

RAPSI: Several Russian lawmakers have submitted a bill to relieve owners of emergency vehicles with flashing blue emergency beacons from administrative liability for traffic violations to the State Duma. Amendments are proposed to the Code on Administrative Offences. According to the draft law’s sponsors, state bodies often shift the administrative responsibility onto the vehicles’ drivers, including even ambulance ones, who just perform urgent work tasks and beg to violate the set traffic rules.  Authors of the initiative are MPs Igor Lebedev, Yaroslav Nilov, Dmitry Svishchev and Andrey Svintsov. 

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