Law of the Week: Presidential Constitutional Amendments arouse controversy

Week-ending 24 January 2020

Russian Activists Launch ‘Public Campaign’ Against Putin’s ‘Constitutional Coup’

A group of more than 30 activists, public figures and local Moscow politicians have created an online “manifesto” urging Russian citizens to resist President Vladimir Putin’s proposed constitutional amendments. Novaya Gazeta, which published the document late on January 23, said more than 8,000 have already signed the manifesto, which calls Putin’s amendments a “constitutional coup” that is directed at keeping “Putin and his corrupt regime” in power until he dies. RFE/RL, 24 January 2020 See also Novaya gazeta, 23 January 2020

Human rights advocates to discuss amendments to Russian Constitution

MOSCOW, January 24 (RAPSI) – The Presidential Council for Human Rights will discuss amendments proposed by President Vladimir Putin to Russia’s Constitution on January 28, the advisory body’s Chairman Valery Fadeyev told journalists on Friday. The Civic Chamber will discuss the amendments on January 29, according to the body’ s secretary Lidia Mikheyeva. On January 23, the State Duma passed a bill on amendments to the Russian Constitution in the first reading. RAPSI, 24 January 2020

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