Law of the Week: State Duma passes bill restricting ex-convicts’ rights to run for office

Week-ending 15 May 2020

Russia adopts draft legislation that will expand political candidacy restrictions

Russian lawmakers have adopted the third and final reading of legislation that will expand prohibitions on ex-convicts’ rights to run for elected office. The bill won the support of 250 deputies and was opposed by 81 members of parliament. The draft law would restrict the candidacy of persons convicted of one of 50 different offenses, including crimes that are often enforced against political dissidents, such as inciting extremism or terrorism, using violence against members of law enforcement, fraud, and repeatedly attending unpermitted demonstrations. 

Source: Meduza, 13 May 2020

State Duma backs election ballot ban for average gravity crimes convicts

The State Duma passed a bill banning persons convicted of crimes of average gravity to stand as candidates in any election in a final third reading on Wednesday. The ban is to be active 5 years after expungement of conviction, the document reads. 

Source: RAPSI, 13 May 2020

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