Sasha Krylenkova on the sentences handed down in the Network case: “To win you have to withstand blows”

11 February 2020 

By Sasha Krylenkova

Source: Facebook

I wrote this yesterday when I was still in Penza.
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Only don’t say that there’s no point in doing anything. The point of victories is not measured by the sentences given out. It would be strange if we went out on pickets, distributed information and all of us still remained at liberty. Then there would be no need to fight. Such a victory would not be worth anything.

We are not fighting to take the guys out of the tender grasp of some kitten or other. Cruel and heartless people have taken them hostage.

To win you have to withstand blows.

Today there were two important victories:

1. In recent years we learned not to leave people alone. Every one of us and, what is a hundred times more important, wives, mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters, did not have to hear the sentence handed down without any support. Next to them there was always someone who hugged them, held their hand, or simply looked in their eyes. It’s difficult to believe now, but even recently none of this was happening. That is a real victory. A victory for care and support.

And 2. To change something you need faith and a myth. Not a myth that is just a lie, but a myth with heroes and great deeds. We have a myth now. What we need now is the easy part – faith.

Translated by Simon Cosgrove

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