Viktor Kogan-Yasny: Russians can be ‘divided’ into the ‘law-abiding’ and ‘freeloaders’

15 December 2022

by Viktor Kogan-Yasny

In my opinion, apart from the most important things that are happening today when people are dying, when people are constantly suffering with no sign of an end to it, and nothing can compare with this, it is nevertheless important, little by little, to defend the ‘small’ rights of Russian citizens against the primitive institutions of the Western world, both within the country and outside it. This has to be done, both for reasons of justice and in an attempt to shape the future.

Russians can be ‘divided’ into those who are ‘law-abiding’ and those who can be described as ‘freeloaders.’ And this has general application. The ‘law-abiding’ suffer significantly from the illegal policies of the leaders of their own state: they oppose these leaders and they suffer repression from the regime. The are also criticised by many in the West since they are oriented toward legal values and do not want to illegally circumvent Western restrictions.

As a result, the ‘field of the law-abiding’ in Russia is narrowing. If current policies continue, in a few years the freeloaders and the sect of isolationists will irreversibly win and there will be nobody to restore a pro-European direction of policy. No one will either believe that it is possible or even understand what it is. The bosses, bandits and bullies will restore their relations with their Western partners ‘in the context of mutual benefit,’ while it will be the law-abiding (if there are any actually left) who will experience all the burdens of responsibility for crimes, which they certainly did not commit, and the burdens of a toxic image which will be attributed to them because that way it is so much easier.

Translated by Simon Cosgrove

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