Viktor Kogan-Yasny: Another ‘note in the margins’

3 June 2022

by Viktor Kogan-Yasny

Source: Facebook

For some reason, in terms of political philosophy, it’s as though official Ukraine and the Western world have succumbed to Bolshevik-Leninists with their ideas of linguistic and cultural feudalism. Who said the Russian language is an attribute of the Russian Federation? Who said Russian language culture is an attribute of the Russian Federation? Why is it planned to negotiate about the use of the Russian language in Ukraine with the leadership of the Russian Federation? Who are they to speak for the Russian language? For the weapons and forces under their control, yes, I can understand that. But for the Russian language? What do they have to do with it?

What are their demands? Have they have taken out a franchise on this public matter so that everyone else now feels too awkward even to speak about the issue on their own terms? Yes, that’s it… And that’s bad. It’s not just unfair, unfairness in political thinking is definitely not the main problem right now. It’s troubling for the future: stupidity takes root, takes root more easily than wise or clever things, for sure the attitudes of backyard louts take root more easily than any institutional considerations. And then stupidity serves as a source for further stupidity for a long time to come – and no one can stop it. You have to think. To win in the long-term and in a way that is sustainable you need to win the battle of ideas; courage and organizational ability are not enough.

Translated by Simon Cosgrove

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