Vladimir Kara-Murza: Putin Personally

20 February 2024

by Vladimir Kara-Murza 

Source: Ekho

Vysotsky has been singing since early morning from the radio in my cell. “Everyone returns—except those we need the most.” Some vapid, stupid reports on the news: something about the ratings of the best sanatoriums in Russia and new legislation on bank loans. Only once, on Friday evening, did I hear in passing: “As reported at the penal colony, he lost consciousness after returning from a walk.”

As I write this, I still don’t have any details about what happened in Labytnangi. But I know one thing for sure and for a fact: Vladimir Putin personally bears responsibility for Aleksei Navalny’s death. Because Aleksei was his personal prisoner. And only on Putin’s personal order could action have been taken by the poisoners from the FSB [Federal Security Service] Second Service, the investigators, prosecutors, and judges who drew up the cases and the sentences, and the high prison officials who created the conditions of torture.

This man has been carrying death with him for all the 25 years of his regime—ever since that autumn when civilians sleeping in their apartments got blown up in the night. Then there was Chechnya, the Nord-Ost, Beslan, Georgia, Syria, and Ukraine. Anna Politkovskaya killed in her entryway as a birthday present; Boris Nemtsov shot in the back next to the Kremlin; Aleksei Navalny, who “lost consciousness after a walk” in prison.

The best perish—the most courageous, sincere, and passionate. “Everyone comes back except those we need the most.” And only a vindictive, cowardly, greedy old man is still holding on with a death grip, destroying anyone in whom he sees a threat to his power.

He has to be stopped. And only Russian society itself can do that.

Translated by Marian Schwartz

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