Georgy Satarov is president of the INDEM Foundation (INDEM = “Informatics for democracy”) and a member of INDEM’s research council. He is a social scientist, with special interests in mathematical applications to research, data analysis and applied statistics. Before 1990 he taught at the Mathematics Department of Moscow State Pedagogical Institute, working on applications of mathematics in teaching, psychology, history and political science. In 1990 he founded jointly with Sergei Stankevich the INDEM Centre as a think-tank of applied political studies.  From 1993-94 he was a member of the Presidential Council and a participant in the Constitutional Convention to develop the new constitution. From 1994 until 1997 he was an adviser to President Yeltsin. In 1997 he was elected president of INDEM, now reconstituted as INDEM Foundation. He has authored a number of books and published over 200 academic articles. He also contributes widely to the press. Since 1999 he has taught at Moscow State University. He is a member of the public council of the Federal Tax Police Agency, a member of the Council for Foreign and Defence Policy, and a member of the World Bank’s advisory council on issues of government administration and corruption.