ECtHR Ruling of the Week: Violations of Convention Article 3 [prohibition of torture]

Week-ending 30 July 2021

This week the European Court of Human Rights handed down one ruling with regard to Russia, finding violations of Article 3 of the European Convention (prohibition of torture) in the case of Minin and Others v. Russia.

27 July 2021


A violation of Article 3 of the Convention under its substantive limb in that Mr Yeroshenko, Mr Alayev, Mr Konovalov, Mr Grotuzis, Mr Tsykalo, Mr Palatov, Mr Nakagutov and Mr Verbitskiy were subjected to inhuman and degrading treatment; a violation of Article 3 of the Convention under its procedural limb in respect of all applicants in that no effective investigation into their complaints was carried out by the authorities; the respondent State is to pay the applicants, within three months, the following amounts indicated in the appended table, plus any tax that may be chargeable to the applicants, to be converted into the currency of the respondent State at the rate applicable at the date of settlement.

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