Dmitry Makarov was born in Orel, Russia, and is co-chair of the Moscow Helsinki Group. He is also a member of the Coordinating Council of the international Youth Human Rights Movement. He also works as a program coordinator for Moscow Helsinki Group and coordinates joint work by these organizations on promotion of fundamental rights (freedom of assembly and association) and defence of human rights defenders. Dmitry has a degree in law, several years of legal practice and specializes in administrative cases. He is one of the initiators of Legal Team for activists, a group of legal support for grass root activist groups. He has conducted over 30 seminars on human rights and advocacy campaigns and is part of the organizing team of the International School of Human Rights and Democracy. At the moment Dmitry coordinates the programme entitled “Defending Civil Society in the Newly Independent States” and actively works at both regional and international levels. As an international network with a mission to form a new generation of human rights activists, Youth Human Rights Movement supports activities that span borders, linking activists from more than 35 countries to promote innovative, international exchanges towards the protection of human rights. As one of the leaders of Youth Human Rights Movement, Dmitry also coordinates work aimed at formulating a common agenda for civil society organizations working with international organizations such as the OSCE, the Council of Europe and the European Union.