CSO of the Week: More than 150 media outlets and NGOs launch campaign for repeal of ‘foreign agent’ law

Week-ending 17 September 2021

Screen shot from the website of the Ministry of Justice

On 14 September 2021 more than 150 media outlets and NGOs launched a campaign for the repeal of the repressive ‘foreign agent’ law,


RFE/RL. 14 September 2021: More than 150 media and nongovernmental organizations in Russia have launched a petition urging the authorities to cancel the controversial “foreign agent” law, which is widely seen as a tool used by the Kremlin to stifle civil society and independent media.

The Observer, 11 September 2021: Usually the bad news is dumped late on Friday when most Muscovites are heading out for the evening: a new list of names of journalists and outlets declared “foreign agents”, a label that for some Russians evokes such Soviet-era terms as “enemy of the people” and has sent a chill through newsrooms under threat.

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