CSO of the Week: Chistaya Urdoma ends protests after construction of Shiyes landfill site halted.

Wee-ending 15 January 2021

Source: StopShies

On 9 January 2020, the Chistaya Urdoma activist group said that they would end their protests due to “the continued demolition and removal of materials” from the Shiyes landfill construction site, “as well as in order to restore order to the territory” there.


The Moscow Times, 12 January 2021: Russian eco-activists will end more than two years of protests against a controversial garbage dump that would have seen tons of waste shipped from Moscow to northern Russia after its construction was halted. Russians nationwide have protested against plans to ship Moscow’s trash to remote regions since fall 2018 over environmental concerns, with a massive planned landfill at the abandoned Shiyes train station becoming the main protest battleground. Courts in the Arkhangelsk region where Shiyes is located eventually ruled that the landfill construction is illegal and ordered the site to be returned to its previous state.

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