CSO of the Week: GULAG History Museum

Week-ending 11 December 2020

Building of the White Sea-Baltic Canal. Source: GULAG History Museum

The GULAG History Museum this week has requested permission from the authorities in Magadan to turn what remains of the Dneprovsky labour camp into a museum. According to its website, the Museum’s mission is “to preserve the historical memory and redefine the past for the sake of the future. The Museum is aimed at becoming a public space for presenting, exploring, and discussing the most relevant aspects of the history of the mass repression, forced labor, and the lack of political freedom in the USSR.” The Museum was founded in 2001 by Anton V. Antonov-Ovseyenko, a historian who endured imprisonment in Stalin’s camps as a son of an “enemy of the people.” The Museum belongs to the Moscow Department of Culture and its first exhibition was opened on 2004.


Website of Moscow Gulag History Museum

RFE/RL, Monday, 7 December 2020: The Moscow Gulag History Museum and the Memory Foundation have applied to the government of the Magadan region to develop the remains of the Dneprovsky labor camp into an open-air historical complex aimed at preserving the memory of the prisoners who labored and died there under Stalin.

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