CSO of the Week: Aborigen-Forum calls on Tesla to boycott Nornickel

Week-ending 7 August 2020

Aborigen-Forum is an association of independent experts, activists, leaders and organisations of the aboriginal peoples of the North, Siberia and the Far East of Russia, founded in 2014. The purpose of the association is the protection and realisation of the rights of aboriginal peoples, analysis of legislation and monitoring of residential localities and economic productive, development of partnerships with other organisations, international cooperation and work with the authorities at all levels. The Secretary of Aborigen-Forum is Gennady Shchukin. For more information see the above link to the group’s website. 

On Thursday, 6 August 2020, representatives of indigenous peoples in Russia’s North, Siberia, and Far East asked Elon Musk to boycott Nornickel. In an open letter, the group Aborigen Forum said Tesla should refuse to buy products manufactured by the Russian mining company until it meets four conditions: 1 A full and independent assessment of the environmental damage of mining for nickel and other metals in Russia’s Taymyr Peninsula and Murmansk Oblast,; 2 Compensation to indigenous communities for the damages done to their traditional way of life; the recultivation of contaminated lands in the Taymyr Peninsula and Murmansk region; and 4 revised policies for engaging with indigenous peoples, requiring these groups’ free and informed consent before beginning new projects that could affect them.

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