CSO of the Week: Open Russia movement

Week-ending 26 June 2020

The EU-Russia Civil Society Forum has highlighted the plight of Anastasia Shevchenko, whose trial for involvement in the Open Russia movement, an unregistered Russian association banned as an ‘undesirable organisation,’ began on 17 June 2020. Amnesty International issued an ‘urgent action’ in relation to the prosecution of Yana Antonova, a human rights defender and paediatrician, whose trial in Krasnodar for involvement in the same group, the Open Russia movement, resumed on 23 June 2020. Amesty International said that Antonova’s prosecution for peaceful activistm was ‘in violation of Russia’s obligations under international human rights law, including in relation to the rights to freedom of expression and association, and the right to a fair trial.’


Ensure transparency of Anastasia Shevchenko’s Trial

The Solidarity Task Force of the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum is calling on you to participate in the campaign for publicity of the high-profile trial of activist Anastasia Shevchenko, which has begun today, 17 June 2020. You can help by sending a request to organize a broadcast of the court hearing on this case through the section “Citizens’ Appeals” of the Oktyabrsky District Court of Rostov-on-Don at https://ej.sudrf.ru/letters?fromOa=61RS0005. You can download a template of the appeal at the bottom of this page. The template was prepared by the Forum member organisation, Citizens’ Watch (Saint Peterburg). Anastasia Shevchenko is an activist with the Open Russia movement and its board member from Rostov-on-Don. In January 2019, She was charged with participating in an undesirable organization and put under house arrest [1]. She is facing six years in prison. Shevchenko is a mother of two. Her third daughter died in hospital while Shevchenko was already under house arrest. The Human Rights Centre “Memorial” recognized her as a political prisoner [2]. EU-Russia Civil Society Forum, 17 June 2020


The trial of Yana Antonova, a human rights defender and paediatrician from Krasnodar, southern Russia, resumed on 23 June. She faces up to six years in prison for commemorating a slain activist and other peaceful activities as a member of the “undesirable organisation” Open Russia. Amnesty International, 25 June 2020

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