CSO of the Week: Grey Zone

Week-ending 29 May 2020

Human rights defenders map the spread of respiratory diseases in the Russian prison system

A group of human rights defenders and lawyers have launched a new project called “Grey Zone” (“Seraya zona” in Russian), which maps information on cases of respiratory illnesses in Russia’s prison colonies and pre-trial detention centers. The project is based on official data on coronavirus patients from the country’s Federal Penitentiary Service (FSIN), as well as information from inmates and their relatives (confirmed by multiple sources), and media reports. The human rights defenders are sending inquiries to the prosecutor’s office and the Federal Penitentiary Service for each unconfirmed case, demanding that they carry out an inspection and ensure the safety of prisoners and staff at correctional facilities. 

Source: Meduza, 25 May 2020

СЕРАЯ ЗОНА: Карта респираторных заболеваний в колониях и СИЗО России

Инициатива и создание проекта: Московская Хельсинкская группа, Санкт-Петербургский «Гражданский контроль», Уральская правозащитная группа, фонд «Общественный вердикт», Центр содействия международной защите, адвокаты Вера Гончарова, Ирина Бирюкова, Каринна Москаленко, Мария Серновец, юрист Ассоциации «Правовая основа» Яна Гельмель.

Source: Серая зона

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