Book Reviews

At Rights in Russia we have initiated a new programme publishing regular book reviews. We will be commissioning reviews of books published in both English and Russian. Books to be reviewed will primarily concern human rights, the rule of law and the development of civil society in Russia, but will also deal with the contemporary, and historical, political and social contexts. We shall publish reviews of both non-fiction and fiction. Two recently published reviews, both by Martin Dewhirst, are of Russian-language publications: Irina Flige, Sandormokh: dramaturgiya smyslov (possible English translation: Sandarmokh: A Labyrinth of Meanings) and Anna Artem’eva, Yelena Racheva, 58-ya. Ne”izyatoye: Istorii lyudey, kotorye perezhili to, chego my bol’she vsego boimsya. (The 58th. Still Relevant: Stories of People Who Went Through What We Fear Most of All). Forthcoming are reviews of Mary McAuley’s Human Rights in Russia: Citizens and the State from Perestroika to Putin, Peter Reddaway’s The Dissidents and Vladimir Bukovsky’s  Judgement in Moscow.

Point of contact for authors, publishers, and reviewers is our Book Review Administrator Alix Henshall, whose email is

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