Alena Obezdchikova lives in Voronezh and is director of the Interregional Human Rights Group. She is a graduate of the Academy of Public Administration in Nizhny Novgorod, where started her career in the NGO sector at the Laboratory of NGO Development and Nizhny Novgorod Society for Human Rights. In 2000 she was elected chair of Coordination Council of the Youth Human Rights Movement and moved to Voronezh. Since 2007 she has been a director of the Interregional Human Rights Group, an NGO working in the sphere of human rights advocacy; freedom of information, assembly and association; public oversight and reform of law-enforcement bodies; and human rights education. Alena Obezdchikova is a member of the Public Council of the Voronezh Police Department and a member of the board of the European network FLARE