Welcome to Rights in Russia

“[…] the striving for freedom never died out in Russia, and over the centuries in each generation there have been people who devoted their lives to the struggle for freedom, and sacrificed their lives for freedom’s sake.” – Liudmila Alekseeva (1927-2018)

“[…] We are not civil society. But we prepared the ground to enable civil society to emerge, and it has emerged.” – Arseny Roginsky (1946-2017)

Rights in Russia is an independent, charitable, non-profit, non-governmental organization established on 19 January 2010 to mark the tragic murder of human rights lawyer Stanislav Markelov and journalist Anastasia Baburova who that day in 2009 were shot dead in Moscow.  

Rights in Russia is a charity registered under UK law with the Charity Commission. Our charity registration number is 1147245. Our HM Revenue & Customs Charity Reference is No. XT25453

Rights in Russia is a community of people committed to supporting the protection of human rights in the Russian Federation. 

Our Mission The mission of Rights in Russia is to provide information about human rights in Russia and to support the work of human rights organizations based in the Russian Federation.

We believe the voices of Russia’s human rights defenders should be more widely heard internationally, both by civil society and by governments. We wish to address a continuing shortage of accurate information in English about human rights in Russia. And we want to offer our support and solidarity to Russia’s human rights defenders at a time when the Russian government’s indifference and hostility often places their work and their lives in jeopardy. 

In pursuit of our objectives, at present we publish news, views and analysis about human rights in Russia, including translations of articles by Russian human rights defenders, and articles by experts living outside Russia.  

Readers can subscribe to our publications by e-mail, and we provide links to them on FacebookTwitter, Telegram and LinkedIn. Our podcasts are also available on Podcasts.com,  SoundCloud,  Spotify  and  iTunes

We have no paid staff. All the work done by and for the organisation is by volunteers.

As we work to reach a wider audience, to increase our output of quality translations, and to bring a wider range of authors to public attention, we need to raise significantly the level of our funding – and this is the next goal in our development. 

Contact You can contact us by e-mail at info@rightsinrussia.org or by phone on +44 749 666 7167. You can also contact us via our website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Telegram or SoundCloud. Our official address and postal address is: 6, Stoford Place, Broadway, Ilminster, Somerset, TA19 9RZ, United Kingdom