Remember the Date: 5 March 1940 – Soviet authorities order the mass killing of Polish officers that became known as the Katyn Massacre
Photo of the order for the Katyn massacre: Wikipedia

“The Katyn massacre, a series of mass executions of Polish nationals carried out by the NKVD (People’s Commissariat for Internal Affairs) in April and May 1940, was prompted by NKVD chief Lavrentiy Beria’s proposal to execute all captive members of the Polish officer corps, dated 5 March 1940, approved by the Politburo of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, including its leader, Joseph Stalin. The number of victims is estimated at about 22,000. The victims were executed in the Katyn Forest in Russia, the Kalinin and Kharkiv prisons, and elsewhere. Of the total killed, about 8,000 were officers imprisoned during the 1939 Soviet invasion of Poland, another 6,000 were police officers, with rest Polish intelligentsia that the Soviets deemed to be ‘intelligence agents, gendarmes, landowners, saboteurs, factory owners, lawyers, officials, and priests’.”

– Wikipedia [slightly modified]

Source: ‘Katyn massacre,’ Wikipedia

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