News of the Day: 27 October 2021

The Moscow Times: Russia on Wednesday confirmed 36,582 new Covid-19 infections and a new record of 1,123 deaths.

The Moscow Times: Russian law enforcement authorities will inspect popular rapper Morgenshtern’s criticism toward the country’s annual commemorations of the Soviet victory in World War II for possible legal violations, they said Tuesday.

The Moscow Times: Russia said Wednesday a Dutch court decision to transfer a collection of Crimean gold to Ukraine was politically motivated and “set a dangerous precedent,” as Moscow opened a criminal probe into the case.

Human Rights in Ukraine: ‘Judges’ from a Russian-controlled court in occupied Crimea spent 26 October imposing fairly large fines for entirely fabricated ‘infringements’ by Crimean Tatar civic journalists; the coordinator of Crimean Solidarity and other activists, as well as by lawyer Edem Semedlyaev, who was detained while representing others taken into custody.  All the hearings took place at the Central District Court, with around four acquittals.  It is an indication of the judicial degradation under Russian occupation, that these were the startling part of the day, not the imprisonment of 22 men for 24 hours and fines imposed against men who had simply gathered outside a court, observing all the relevant pandemic-related requirements..

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