“Опять двадцать пять!” Bill Bowring asks Aleksandr Verkhovsky 25 questions

Professor Bill Bowring’s guest this week on “25 Questions” is Aleksandr Verkhovsky, director of the SOVA Centre for Information and Analysis that monitors radical-nationalist activities, hate crime, hate speech in the mass media, the use and abuse of anti-extremism legislation and issues related to religion in contemporary Russian society. He is author and co-author of a number of books including: Political Extremism in Russia (1996), Political Xenophobia (1999), State Policy Towards Ultra-Nationalist Organizations (2002), The State against Ultra-Nationalism. What’s to be Done and What’s Not to be Done? (2002), Political Orthodoxy: Russian Orthodox Nationalists and Fundamentalists, 1995-2001 (2003), and many articles. The video of the interview can be viewed on YouTube and below.

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