John Crowfoot

John Crowfoot, translator, first visited Russia as a schoolboy in 1968. He renewed his interest in all things Russian as a student at Keele, Birmingham and Moscow Universities and after regular visits to the Soviet Union from 1979 onwards he settled in Moscow. From 1986 to 1999 he lived and worked there, being particularly involved, as editor and translator, with the English version of Alexander Podrabinek’s Express Chronicle, the Vozvrashchenie society and publisher, and the Russian Booker Prize. Among the books he has helped make known in English he would particularly single out Till My Tale is Told: Women’s Memoirs of the Gulag (1999) and the first English collection of Anna Politkovskaya’s journalism, A Dirty War: a Russian Reporter in Chechnya (2001). Since Anna’s murder he has worked closely with the International Federation of Journalists and its Russian partners on issues related to the killing of journalists and was the compiler and one of the authors of Partial Justice (2009), the report of their findings.