Megan Bick

Megan Bick lived and worked in the Soviet Union and Russia for over 10 years and has been working with Russian NGOs for over 20 years since their inceptions in the early 1990s. She has considerable first-hand experience of partnership development helping to develop public and voluntary sector interaction. For example while starting the hospice movement in Russia working on a range of human rights issues including homelessness. She was involved in setting up and supporting the development of the  voluntary sector in Russia through the creation of self-help groups, organising links and exchanges with UK organisations and developing networks. She has been involved in regular monitoring of individual projects and with large scale evaluations, including of joint programmes between the European Union and Council of Europe for Russia and Ukraine. She knows the grant-making procedure from both sides: as a grantee from various EU and DfID programmes; and as a project manager for the Westminster Foundations of Democracy. Now based in Britain, Megan has recently worked as a consultant on projects looking at conflict resolution, women's and minority rights, resource and poverty management. Megan is a Trustee of the BEARR Trust and on the grants committee for the Balkan Community Initiatives Fund.